A Bit About Me

Ilse Bernthal Artist

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my website.

Inspiration from flowers, plants, astronomy, literature, nature or maybe just daydreaming on a ramble in the countryside help to give me ideas for my artworks.

My watercolour abstracts use a very delicate technique which took months to perfect, but the results are magical. Experimenting with colour never tires me and I usually produce a series along a theme or may be I'll just make two or three versions of the same subject. 

A deep appreciation of landscape and a tendency to roam outdoors inevitably made me want to paint scenery as well. Paintings can take me a while to produce due to how fussy I am about detail! But I love observing the interplay of light on water or escaping past a cloud. Hopefully this fascination with changing weather conditions is captured within my imagery. Bad weather can be a great day to paint!

Lately I have introduced metal leaf onto my abstracts and am preparing some subtle muted coloured landscapes so do watch this space.

Hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries.